Court authorisation no longer required

Judgement by Justice Murphy on 16 July 2013 determined the law of Australia to be that court authorisation is no longer required before Phase 1 Treatment may be commenced.

If your child’s treating doctor still insists upon you obtaining a court order, then please provide them with a copy of this text and the judgement and/or refer them to me.

Although the issue of whether or not Phase 2 treatment requires court authorisation remains outstanding, this judgement is the crucial one as Phase 1 treatment is essential and time critical for adolescents living with transsexualism at the beginning of puberty.

This is also a reminder that if you think that your child experiences transsexualism, as distinct from having only gender expression issues, do not tolerate your child’s treating psychiatrist or clinical psychologist failing to refer immediately your child to a paediatric endocrinologist so that your child can be assessed for, and if approved, receive Phase 1 Treatment in time by Tanner Stage 2 of pubertal development.

Rachael Wallbank  Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer (LSNSW)