Young people (under 18 year olds)

“In Australia and elsewhere, there are an increasing number of young people with transsexualism being supported in affirming their innate identity by their parents. This is not because transsexualism is on the increase. Adolescents and adults do not change their minds about which sex they are. Transsexualism is not an illness or disease. It can’t be caught or encouraged. You either experience it or you don’t. It is just a stark example of human diversity.

More children are affirming their innate sex because they are trusting their parents to support them; rather than live in secret shame and turn to addictions and self-harm as was more likely in the past, because people are now telling the story of these children of difference and their families with compassion and giving out the message that they are as entitled as any other young Australians to seek wholeness and happiness and live full and fulfilling lives.”

Rachael Wallbank
Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer (LSNSW)

Below is  information for under 18s and their parents or caregivers. Please add or correct information below by email.

2013: Court authorisation no longer needed in Australia for Phase 1 Treatment

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