My employee has started using a different name now. Should we update our records?

Yes. This should be treated like any other name change.

The employee’s administrative records must be updated on the appointed day of transition. Update all visible references to the employee’s name, such as any e-mail, photo IDs, workplace name tags, computer accounts, and admin records.

Should we change the “F” to an “M” in our records?

Employment databases that include a sex marker (M or F) must be corrected to M. Legally, the old sex marker must not remain after completion of sex affirmation surgery.

What happens at the point of ‘transition’ at work?

In reality, transition is a dynamic process taking place over many months, if not years. These changes are both physical and social.

However, for the purposes of employment,  transition takes place on a specific day. The ‘Transition Date’ is the day the employee intends to commence work as a male. Before that day all staff should have been notified of the impending changes and all other administrative and logistical changes ready to be implemented.