Memo to colleagues about transition

Dear Colleagues,

This July I began medical treatment, known as sex affirmation, to transition from female to male.

From my earliest memories, I have known I am male even though my body appears to be female. This is a medical condition recognised by the medical profession. ‘Transition’ is a medical treatment and will be a gradual change supervised by medical practitioners. If you have questions regarding this process, I’m willing to answer them to the best of my ability.

On 30 August, I legally changed my name to Jonathan Marks. It will be appropriate to refer to me as he rather than she, though I am not going to be upset or angry if you forget. I recognise some people might have difficulty with this. I want to reassure you I’m still the same colleague and friend you have worked with and known for the past five years. The transition process will only change my appearance to match who I really am. It will not change me as a person.

This is not a ‘snap’ decision. It has taken me some time to think through and plan. I appreciate your respect and patience.

I will be taking two weeks leave from the beginning of September returning to the workplace on the 15th as Jonathan.

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Marks