Recruitment and selection

I’ve been asked to be a referee for someone I used to know under another name. What should I do?

If you’re providing a reference for someone who has transitioned to male you must not disclose their old name or their former gender. Use their new name and male pronouns.

If you are asked directly whether the person used to be known by another name, you can only confirm the old name, not volunteer it.

If I suspect a job candidate is transsexual or transgender, can I ask?

Never. This is against the law. If the candidate volunteers this information, you can discuss it.

Regardless of the candidate’s gender presentation, they must only be evaluated on their qualifications and ability to do the job.

When checking on the background of a job candidate, a name suggesting a different gender comes up. What should I do?

Like anyone who has changed their name for any reason (for example, through marriage, divorce or sex affirmation treatment), people sometimes have a work or study history in another name.

If you need to clarify tertiary qualifications you can ask the candidate if he was ever known by another name.