• Androderm® is a transdermal drug delivery system consisting of a self adhesive patch surrounding a central drug reservoir of testosterone dissolved in an alcohol-based gel. The patch contains testosterone which is identical to the naturally occurring testosterone present in the body.
  • Manufactured by Actavis Pty Ltd.


General Information

  • Androderm® is usually applied at night and worn for 24 hours. Most men will need to wear two 2.5mg patches. The patches are applied to the back, arms, shoulders, abdomen or buttocks. Never apply the patch to the scrotum (surgically constructed or natal).
  • Measurement of serum testosterone should be repeated taking care to ensure proper patch adhesion and correct time of application before the dose is adjusted.
  • Three patches per day may be required for men with a higher body weight (>130kg).
  • The duration of treatment and frequency of testosterone measurements is determined by the physician.
  • Approx. 10% of men experience skin irritation which include mild to moderate inflammation, roughened skin or burning; allergic, itchy and sometimes blistering skin reactions.