Transition Framework

Transition can roughly be divided up into three areas – social, medical and legal.

Transition Framework

Social actions

These are all the things you can do for yourself without the help of a doctor or any other ‘professional’. There’s plenty of actions you can take on your own. These are things to do with your appearance, the way you dress, your hairstyle, body language and behaviour. Some people discover these are all they need to feel better and more comfortable in themselves.

Social Transition

Medical actions

These include all the things you need a doctor to help you with such as hormones and surgery. These actions are usually permanent. Some men start looking at their medical options around the same time as they make social changes. For others, it can be months or years later.

When it comes to your medical options, you will need a doctor. You must be prepared to work with your doctors and actively engage with them. They will want to make sure of three things:

  1. you’re physically healthy,
  2. you can manage your treatment responsibly and safely, and
  3. you’re free of any mental illness that is making you think you need to transition (very rare).

Medical Transition

Legal actions

These are any actions to do with the Australian legal system. Legally changing your name, correcting your sex at Medicare or correcting your birth certificate are a few examples. In Australia, most of these legal actions will not require any permanent medical actions like surgery or medical treatment to correct your legal sex documentation.

Legal Transition

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