Social Affirmation (Transition)

Social Transition include all the actions you can do yourself without the help of a doctor or any other professional. Some of the actions you can take to socially transition have to do with your appearance, the way you dress, your hairstyle, body language and behaviour.

You can socially transition as soon as you like. Some people find these are all they need to feel better and more comfortable in themselves.

Physical Presentation (clothes and haircut)

Presentation is about your clothes, haircut and the way you present yourself socially.  A very common step in social transition is throwing out your clothing like dresses, skirts and blouses. Many people never wear these items or have already discarded them.

Hairdressers are taught to cut men and women’s hair very differently. Even if you say you want a ‘male haircut’, sometimes it can be difficult to get that just by asking. Going into a barber rather than your usual hairdresser can help.

Pronouns and Disclosure (telling other people)

Some people find a change in pronouns (‘he’, ‘him’ and ‘his’), change of name and personal presentation makes all the difference to them to feel more comfortable. This step will mean you tell other people (disclosure) you plan to transition.

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