Transition (Affirmation)

The term ‘Transition‘ or ‘Affirmation’ is used on this website to describe the process of affirming your innate or your true sex. It can also apply to people who change their sex in this case from female to male.

The information on this website only applies to transition in Australia.

If you feel you are a boy ‘on the inside’ or you need to transition to ‘male’ – then on this website, we call that affirming your true sex or affirming your innate sex. It’s another way of talking about transitioning female to male  or FTM transition.

Transition is a process which will be slightly different depending on your circumstances, your body, your experiences, who you are and how you relate to the social, private and public worlds you move in.

Transition will not happen overnight or even within a year or two. It takes time. Your transition usually begins before you make any physical changes. Where transition finishes is completely up to you.

Transition will bring change. Some changes you can pick and choose – hair style, clothing, name, pronouns.  Other changes through medical or surgical methods will change your body and your appearance and you’ll have less control over these. For example, if you start testosterone, physical changes will happen according to your individual genetic makeup.

If you’re looking for an outline of all the steps you must take and the surgeries you must have, the transition isn’t that ‘cut and dried’. This website will offer you a rough framework to approach transition, along with many many different approaches, experiences and stories about transition.

Overall Transition Framework

Social Affirmation

Medical Affirmation

Legal Affirmation