About FTM Australia

FTM Australia is a free, confidential, peer based Australia-wide network focused only on men identified ‘female’ at birth who medically transition to male in Australia. We also provide information and limited support to family members (partners, parents, siblings and others), healthcare providers and other professionals, government and policy makers.

Through the FTM Australia network, our men find contacts, community, health care professionals and answers to engage with life as their true selves and today are parents, doctors, lawyers, barristers, union players, television identities, scientists, actors, political ministers, advocates, musicians and teachers. We are all shapes and sizes, ethnicities, sexualities with a range of backgrounds, skills, abilities, careers and more.

Our Mission

FTM Australia offers reliable, medically accurate, accessible information and a range of perspectives when people are researching their options for medical transition in Australia.

Our Priorities

The priorities of the FTM Australia network remain:

  • contact
  • social support and
  • medical and health information

focused on men transitioning medically, their loved ones, service providers and the broader community.

From 2001 to 2016, FTM Australia serves more than 10 new contacts a fortnight who seek contact, support, and information about transitioning medically to their true selves.


FTM Australia has been going since 2001. The network was started by two Sydney-based transitioned men with the support of the Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre. There have been a range of contributors over that time from Australia and overseas who have been instrumental in advising, supporting and guiding the development of this website and the information we provide throughout.