Testosterone and hair loss

Testosterone is an amazing hormone that gives me muscles, strength, good health and, above all, my sanity.

Unfortunately testosterone, for some of us, converts into DHT and causes hair loss in varying degrees. It’s something that happens to many of us guys. Ignored by some, accepted by others and a major source of anxiety for many.

I’m one of those guys it happened to and it kind of snuck up on me. Slowly at first my hair line started to recede at the sides and then a noticeable gap either side emerged.

Then my co-workers started commenting and my partner mentioned it not once but a few times. As the frequency of related jokes was increasing, I was quietly concerned but had pushed it to the back of my mind.

Then I noticed one morning as I put wax through my hair that the entire top of my head had begun thinning out. At this point all I could see in my mind was what my father looks like and I didn’t want to be there at 32.

So what did I do?

I got hold of Finasteride and now take it every morning.

The medical evidence suggests my little pills of happiness *may* result in increased growth but they predominantly just stop the desertion of duties in their tracks.

That is, as long as you take the pills.

When I told a co-worker who’d been one of those who’d increasingly teased me that I’d got my little pills (of happiness) she said “But isn’t that just part of being a bloke??” Like trying to get the ‘best’ bits of life – or more specifically modern medicine – was a crime!

I was rather surprised by her comment. Then I remembered her husband is bald as a badger so I asked her about him and how he handled the issue. She said it had seemed to happen overnight even though in reality it had occurred slowly over years. She recounted how, one day, she looked at him and thought ‘my goodness – he’s bald!’

When prompted to share how he actually dealt with it she simply made a reference to his usually silence about personal things. Which means he either silently sufferer or didn’t suffer and either way didn’t say.

As for me the suffering has stopped. Three months of happy pills and I’ve noticed a distinct cease of the retreat that was occurring with thickness returning to the top. I feel relief. Quiet elation.

For me looking good is closely related to feeling good. I just never really prepared myself for going bald, or even getting half way there, and the prospect was not sitting well with me at all.

Whilst I’m not keen on taking pills for ever what they will do is buy me time so that I’m not the first one around me going bald. They give me time to adjust to the prospect slowly and with significantly less pain.

Perhaps I’ll wean myself off them in my sixties….or maybe then, perhaps my eighties. I’ll see how I go.

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