2005 surgery costs for hysterectomy in Queensland

One of our members in Queensland has provided the following breakdown of costs (2005 figures).

He had private health insurance which covered his surgery.

“The operation went well and I have been out of Wesley Private Hospital (Brisbane, QLD) a couple of days now. The Dr’s and nurses of the Wesley Private were totally understanding and very sympathetic.

The bills are coming in from the hospital now: I am on a private health plan where I pay an excess of $200.

  • Pathology was $35.00,
  • ECG scan $32.00,
  • Anaesthetic $195 (The rest of the bill for the anaesthetic was paid by private insurance)
  • For a four night accommodation (and I got my own private room with my own ensuite) I was out of pocket $307 which I am extremely happy about.

My UK passport it finally came through with a M on it so was really thrilled about that. I have now my Australian and UK passports both with Male.